"Her fingers ran all over the very responsive keys of the baby grand piano at the Black Box,
Kala Academy on 17 October, now swishing a shimmer of sound, sometimes chasing a wave across the keyboard, now plunging deep into the depths to surface a threatening tsunami, or riding brightly on the gentle surf. The many faces and voices of water flowed into a very receptive audience, who were refreshed by the unique approach of Monique Copper, the Dutch pianist visiting Goa"........
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Ho Chi Minh City
During this concert tour Monique Copper performed "Water”six times.
In Bangalore, New Delhi, Kolkata and Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam) the recital was performed with the Water video projection which covered the backdrop of the stages in front of which the piano was positioned thus giving the illusion it stood near or in the water. "....Extreme close-ups of water were almost abstract, being allusive rather than literal references to the music", and "....interspersed with recitations of poetry that echoed or enhanced the music".
In Pune and Panjim Goa, Monique performed the recital utilizing only the poetry.

In general
The general reception of the audiences was very warm where a deep concentration was sensed and also heard in the reactions and discussions afterwards. The ‘Water’ theme turned out to be very inspiring to many different minds. The concept of a presentation with poetry and video as a theatrical touch was especially attractive to a large number of younger listeners who came to the concerts.